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Hi and Welcome to the Magick and Psychic Influence Home Study Course Free Viewing Home Page. Yes, it is true we are making available the entire $400.00 Magick and Psychic Influence course FREE of charge. However, it is not without cost. It will cost you time and effort. Here is the way it works.

There are about 20 Hours of video. So what we have done is break it up into 40 sessions of about 30 Minutes each. Each Monday we will put up a new session in sequence. Each Session will consist of 2 segments. These segments are in FLASH. Each session will be available for TWO WEEKS.

You now have a choice. Come each week and view the latest session of the sequence or come every two weeks and view the past two. The Time is not specific on Monday when we will put up the new session. Choosing to view longer than one week may result in missing a session. The sessions once done will not be repeated.

We are doing this for a couple of reasons. First, the economy is not the best and we are doing our part. Second, the sessions are going to be up ONLY for two weeks. It is our belief that you are going to get excited about what you see and put it into practice. You will realize the value of viewing the material many times in the future at your leisure and will want your own private course on DVD.

We also think that you will get so excited that you will tell your friends. It is time to take back our powers that the government and media have taken away.












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