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Secrets Of Advanced, Irresistible Arousal!


Not For Beginners! Not For Beginners! NOT FOR Beginners!

Amazing, Advanced Video/DVD reveals

How To Take Her Initial Attraction And Turn It To Dripping Hot,
"Ready For You Right Now" Arousal..In Minutes!

Would you like to know how to take a woman's initial "doggy dinner" bowl response-her first twinges of interest and responding. and rapidly accelerate it into panty-melting, legs-wide, begging for it desire? Would you like to be able to cut your seduction time as much as 50%, even if you are already an advanced student, with mastery of my best and most currently advanced stuff, such as the Palo Alto 2002 Hyper-Response Videos!

If you are answering yes..if you can imagine walking into any situation and having your biggest problem be the logistics of where you close the deal with that super-hot girl, as opposed to if and how you are going to close her, this brand spanking-new, nearly two hour video (or DVD-yes, we've made the jump to DVD with this product!), filmed live at the 2004 London Workshop will thrill the hell out of you.

Two Super-Sexy, Female Volunteers Make This Product An Easy To Follow
Easy To Understand, Easy To Apply Product You'll Want To View Over And Over!

Look; what makes this product so great are not just the very slick, very advanced language applications you learn from me as you watch it, but the two VERY hot, incredibly responsive female volunteers; one a stunning Braizlian brunette and the other a very well built, super-responsive Kenyan beauty.

You can literally watch these woman cumming on stage as I demonstrate mind-blowing application after mind-blowing application of very latest and best Speed Seduction® technology. (What makes it even more interesting is, both of these women were brought to the Workshop by men who were watching from the audience the entire time!

This amazing video/DVD will teach you:

*Word for word languaging to generate hypnotic lust and desire filters through which a woman will view you so you appear incredibly desirable, attractive and sexy through her eyes! (Watch out with this because a woman could very easily fall not just in lust, but in love!)

*Word for word languaging to direct initial feelings into direct erotic energy flows that open her deep level/primitive mating consciousness, evoking the raw, natural woman.(This is a huge advance on the current Dark Sun/ Gemini pattern)

*Word for word language to generate sexual imagery that loops in her mind, rehearsing the behaviors you want her to have, so they appear perfectly natural when it is time to act on them

*How to incorporate unexpected responses and use them to actually add power, direction and finesse to the seduction!

*Perhaps most enjoyable, a word for word scenario you can use within the first 5 minutes of conversation to generate incredible desire, connection and lust; my brand new "Twin Brothers" pattern. Incredible for breaking the ice AND getting the amazingly strong responses you really want and especially valuable and useful for women of much younger age!

*For you fans and users of SRT(Signal Recognition Technology), a way to covertly use SRT, without having to use the elicitation questions, that guarantees a response at least 300% to 500% greater than the question/elicitation method. In fact, I would say this breakthrough constitutes a "war-winning" technology; something to tip the balance with the previously least responsive women and something to make already responsive women massively more responsive. It fits in well with almost any other SS pattern or technique you use to generate the initial response; poems, erotic touch, visualization, anything. Stumbled on it one night during a phone conversation with a young lady who had been giving me a real run for the money, but it really did the trick and has done so since!

Look: this is an incredible opportunity to see the best pattern languaging, live, as it happened, with real, responsive, breathing, living(and hot!) female subjects! If you are the person who needs to see it to believe and learn, this is the product for you!

Special Amazing Bonus Section: Secrets Of Irresistible Erotic Touch!

Throughout the video, you can watch me get the stunning Brazilian volunteer unbelievably hot with my touch. But, as a special bonus section, at the end of this product, I go into detail about how I do this, using the lovely Kenyan lady as a volunteer.

You will learn:

*The one huge error most guys make when trying to use erotic touch and how to rapidly substitute THE touch that really works!

*Three seemingly innocent erotic touch spots that no one untrained would ever expect could lead to jolts of sexual energy flooding a woman's body

*How to use your language to double and triple the power of your erotic touch!

In short, this entire product is one of the best pieces of work I have ever captured in any type of recording medium and I am incredibly excited to present it to you. But, be forewarned and get what I said early in this message..

This Product Is Absolutely NOT For Beginners!

If you are just starting out with Speed Seduction®; if you are still learning from the required Basic or Delux Home Study Course, this stuff is WAYY beyond you. You need to learn how to get the initial first strong, good responses, before you can even imagine just what you can learn from this product.

However, if you are a more advanced student; if you have been to at least one live Workshop or have bought at least one video course, then you absolutely qualify for this product and in fact you must buy it and.

Enjoy The Seduction/Arousal Super-Power And Precision It Will Put In Your Horny Little Hands..Forever!

So if you meet these requirements, and are growing even more excited at what you'll learn to do from watching this DVD/video, what the hell are you waiting for? Priced to move at just $49.95 for the video or DVD version, you must pick up the phone and call Yates at 1-580-366-5820 or, order on line.TODAY!

You just won't believe how much incredibly great stuff I've packed into just under 2 hours of video/DVD. It truly is amazing and is some of the best work I HAVE EVER DONE and I know you will love it!

Piece and Peace,

P.S. We have never done this before, but I really don't want this product in the wrong hands. Therefore, for the first time, by ordering this product you agree not to resell it in any format or any forum, including E-bay, Yahoo or any other on line forum. Not even a garage sale. I DON'T WANT THIS GETTING INTO THE WRONG HANDS!








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