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Numbers and Communication

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Numbers and Communication
Numbers resonate with the mind in a greater way than you might imagine. In the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know” they refer to the processing capacity of the brain. It processes over 4,000,000,000 bits of information per second, yes that is FOUR BILLION PER SECOND. You are AWARE of only 2,000. Which do you want working for you consciously? What you be the effect on you if you were aware of significantly more that 2,000? Could you train your subconscious to process even more and make you aware of the result?
In your resume, which I recommend you change the name to background, put in more numbers. The amazing part is that it does not even make any difference what kind of numbers they are. It does not have to be GREAT accomplishments. I supervised 10 people supporting a $6,000,000 budget.
In listening, begin to be aware of this and choose which numbers to question. The President recently said that oil production had gone up on his watch. He used numbers to illustrate the point. He was telling the TRUTH and LYING at the same time. Oil production on federally controlled acreage has gone DOWN however oil production on acreage not controlled by his administration has gone UP. The net total of UP and DOWN was positive and was the overall premise he wanted to take credit for in my opinion.
Shortly after that he said his administration could do nothing about gas prices because it was already drilling on 75 % of the available land. Again telling the TRUTH and LYING at the same time. He did not define LAND or AVAILABLE. His numbers did not include anything on or in WATER nor did his numbers include any of the LAND his administration has made UNAVAILABLE. The normal mind is drawn to the numbers.
So my guess is that 90% of the people who read this will get it immediately and less that 5% will look on and of those who do look intently, 51% of them will find something they feel compelled to purchase and 100% of them will be delighted.

Gain REAL Power and Influence with your Language in almost ANY Situation (Part 1)

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

I’m writing to you to tell you about something that has been in the works for quite some time now.

Are you really interested in being able to use the language tools that are a part of Speed Seduction®? Would you like to know the language skills so well that they really become a part of you, and become the way you speak easily and naturally?

First, let me back up a bit. Those of you who have attended a seminar or bought product know that we have been providing help and assistance for quite a while. We have a bunch of products that can and do help many guys too. We have also been involved seminars for years? For over 15 years we have been in many parts of the US, Canada, and the UK, exposing guys the skills of Seduction, Influence and Persuasion.

Participating in seminars and working with students directly is a real eye-opening experience. You get to see the REAL problems and REAL challenges that many students face.

One thing that has always been interesting to watch, is the reaction when someone gets in front of the room and just start to “talk”. For many students, you can see the looks on their faces, and they are almost STUNNED; not just by the content of what is said and taught, but THE WAY THEY ARE ABLE TO SPEAK.

When some of our instructors talk (like Dave Riker), he is able to take all of the language tools, skills, and constructs, and use them naturally. He can just “talk” in a certain manner. You can hear him use all of those bits and pieces of language that have been talked about, and taught, for years. However, in a seminar you get to hear it live, and see us just “do it”.

The interesting thing about this is that it has become apparent over the years that this ability to “talk this way” is a SKILL. It’s something that the really successful guys are able to do. It’s something that many of us can do. It’s something the instructors can do. It’s something we have always wanted our students to be able to do.

However, what we have noticed is that many students have had a REAL challenge with this.

You see, here is the problem. “Talking” is a natural thing for many of us. You just say what you need to say. The words, phrases, sentences, etc. all just “happen”. It’s so natural; it’s something that you learned to do when you were very young.

When teaching these new skills, many new ways of thinking about and using language are taught. Many examples of what to say, how to say it, how to make things sound, etc are given. Many guys have studied this, and studied it more, and listened to us talk about it, and even spent a lot of time memorizing it …. But can they DO IT? Can they just “talk this way” in the real world?

Sadly, it seems that many guys can’t.

It’s something that became more obvious as time goes on. You will see a student who has studied these subjects for years. He “knows” it well – he can talk about these subjects, and even describe the languaging that needs to be used in certain situations.

However, when he is there, IN A SITUTAION WHERE HE NEEDS TO USE IT … he cannot find the words.


Because to him this “new way of talking” is not how HE talks. Instead of this new “language” being a PART of him, it’s “something he read about”.

So even if he DOES try to use it, he has a real challenge. Instead of just talking and speaking in a way that feels normal for him, instead he “tries to remember” what to do.

Think about it. When you talk to your friends and family – you just TALK. It’s easy.

But are you the sort of guy that has tried to use SS and persuasive language, and when you TRY to do it, you keep thinking “what am I SUPPOSED to say?” (or maybe thought of the perfect things to say, but only AFTER the chance to say it has passed?)

That’s difficult. That’s very hard to do. That why sometimes too, when guys “try to use this stuff” they sound unnatural, because instead of talking, they are saying “what they think they should say”.

Quite a challenge, huh?

Well, we have a solution for this.

If you have been to one of our seminars, you probably have heard the name or met Dave Riker. Dave originally started out as a student. But as time when by, he became a valuable part of the SS training team. He has taught at seminars everywhere.

Dave has been helpful in many ways, but a great skill he has is an ability to take complex subjects and skills, break them down piece-by-piece, and organize them. PLUS, he has a REAL skill in TEACHING things in that way, so that the guys that like a structured, organized way of learning new skills, really GET IT.

Dave has done this in seminars for years, but two years ago he turned his attention to solving this “language” problem I was talking about earlier.

Dave’s approach to this challenge was to take many of the major language components of SS, influence and persuasion in general, and really “break them down” into their parts. And THEN, most importantly, TEACH them to students in that fashion in an actual LANGUAGE COURSE.

Riker’s approach to this was to consider SS as really a new language and a whole new way of speaking. He figured that to really get guys to talk fluently in this manner, what was needed was a course that taught guys how to understand, learn, and USE THIS LANGUAGE.

Well, it took him over 2 years to do it, but Riker has finally come out with his Speed Seduction Language and Conversation Course. (Yes, MORE than two years, and I bugged him to get it done sooner, but he is SUCH a perfectionist, it really DID take him that long!) Some of you may remember, Straightforward had it in the Spring 2005 Catalog and on We were embarrassed. We it was well worth the wait.

Dave Riker’s Speed Seduction Language and Conversation Course!

In this course, Riker really takes the time to break down many of the parts of the SS language. He explains each, gives a lot of examples of what they are and how to use them, and then comes up with real exercises and assignments for each!

Yes, you read that right – real assignments, real things for you to do, so that you really DO learn the skills, and KNOW them so that they become skills that YOU HAVE and that you ARE ABLE TO USE IN THE REAL WORLD.

Plus, the way Riker teaches this, this is not just about SS but about MUCH more. He teaches it so that these skills can be used almost ANY TIME in ANY situation. Whether it is at work, with friends, or when talking to that interesting person you just met … and want to get to know better.

So, if you are the kind of guy who has always wanted to be able to REALLY use persuasive language in the real world, and be able to just “talk” in that special way, then this course is something you should look into.

Dave Riker’s Speed Seduction Language and Conversation Course!

I could write more, but go check out Dave’s web page, He has a lot of info there about the course, and even some audio files that you can listen to that describe it (one is 45 minutes long!).

Plus, for you guys that really like workbooks, structure, and organization, TRUST ME, you will love Dave’s approach to creating a product. He has a great, well-organized workbook that comes along with the product too. There are places for you to make notes for your exercise and assignments, “cheat sheet” versions (summaries) of the concepts he describes, etc. This really IS a very well-polished and professional piece of work. For you guys that like that sort of “structure” to your materials, you will really get a lot out of what Dave has done.

How To Talk Women Into Your Bed: Part II

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Dear Speed Seduction Student,

In the last issue, I introduced some of the core concepts for getting really good at seducing hot women, even when you don’t have looks, social status or money.

Just to review, I taught you:

1. Focus on her feelings first. Get your mind off the behaviors you want from her(sex, undying loyalty, threesomes, etc) and put your mind and focus on what feeling states she would have to be in, in order to want to naturally give you those behaviors.

2. Realize that the key to her feelings is her imagination. Capture and lead her imagination and you can generate the intense feelings and emotions she craves.

3. The key to capturing her imagination AND emotions is how you use your language. Remember the example from last issue of romance novels; they out do every other form of fiction combined, because they appeal to women’s fantasies, imagination and emotions, even though we, as guys, would never read such stuff.

The Mystery Of Women’s “Feelings” Explained

In order to understand just how to tap into the deep feelings that women crave, like “chemistry”, attraction, desire, fascination, incredible connection I need to make the briefest of detours into a discipline called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. Please, please bear with me, because the next couple of paragraphs will allow you to enjoy a profound understanding of how women “tick” that will skyrocket your success with them more a new Porsche, perfect pecs, or high status and fame.

The Concept of States And ” Emotional Recipes”

One of the core ideas of NLP is that people don’t just mysteriously “get” feelings. Feelings and emotions are the end result of a process that people run on the inside of themselves, involving what they say to themselves, how they picture things in their minds, and what flows of internal physical sensations they experience inside their bodies.

Now, bear with me here, because this is both simple AND important. Think of a woman you really, REALLY want to be with.

Wouldn’t you like her to experience the following emotional “states” with you?


You would agree that those would be great for starters, yes? That, given THOSE feelings, she would be far more likely to say, “JUMP ME NOW” instead of “Let’s just be friends!”

By the way, if the only thing you hear from women is “Let’s just be friends” it is because the only feeling states she experiences around you are casual enjoyment and comfort. Not enough to get her doing the grown up!)

Are you following along so far?

Ok. For this lovely lady to experience these intense, positive feeling states with you, she has to run some kind of internal process or “recipe” to get the end result of wanting you.

An Example To Help Understand And A Half Truth Corrected And Explained

As an example, a woman might first look at you and get a bit of a tingle in her tummy. Then she might picture you and her naked. Then she might say to herself “yummm”. Then perhaps she might feel tightness in her throat, her nipples hardening, and the tingles going down to her crotch. She might picture the two of you meeting her friends and feeling a sense of pride.

The key is this: this will all flash through her body and mind in seconds, so fast in fact, that she will almost always something she is NOT consciously aware of doing.

Now, you may have heard it said that women will decide in the first ten seconds if they are going to sleep with a guy.

This is almost always NOT true. What is true is that when women DO decide to sleep with you,(whether it’s ten minutes or ten months into knowing you) they will run that process of deciding through their body and mind in LESS than ten seconds.

Ok. I think I’ve piled enough on you for now. But I want you to really re-read this newsletter another time. Maybe print it out and take it with you for a long walk, and think about the implications and how it begins to make sense of a very important piece of your life. Remember the more we can “de-mystify” women’s emotions and make them something we can bring to the surface and LINK to us, the more power, choice, and enjoyment with women we are going to have; women most guys just get to dream about.

In the next issue we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of how to actually start using your language to do this.

Until then,

P e a c e a n d p i e c e ,

R o s s

P.S. If you want to find out more about the Speed Seduction® Home Study Course that has gotten thousands of guys going strongly in the seduction game, getting them the women they really want, check out my website, with free video files at:

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