Have You Ever Been To The Horizon

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Think about it. Do you know what the horizon is? It is where the sky meets the earth.
I ask someone the other day to walk out to the horizon and wave back. He laughed and acknowledged that he would disappear from our sight and never reach the horizon.
You see the HORIZON is just a construct in your mind, a figment of the imagination. It does not exist in the REAL WORLD. It is simply a word used to make some sense of something that does not exist. To let us talk about what we see in some mythical way that the brain accepts.
FAIR or FAIRNESS is another similar word. There is nothing in the REAL WORLD that is FAIR. It is just another concept word that can never be achieved and is used by numerous people to justify whatever agenda they happen to support or believe in. You can literally pick any two subjects, contrast them against each other and ask the question: Is it FAIR. Someone will take each side of the question. Some will say yes and others will say no.
Is it fair that some people have knowledge and some do not. What is the price one should put on knowledge.

Responses and Come Backs

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She said, “I am not looking for anything serious, I am in a relationship.

You Respond using what she give you.

I don’t know if you have already begun to notice, neither am I.

When do you want to get together tonight.

… Notice she does not know what you are responding to. Are you saying that you are not looking for anything serious also or you are in a relationship also or both.

You have answered all here questions. It is now just a matter of when tonight.

It is not your fault?

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It seems that most of what I hear from the media and Washington is that nothing is anyone’s fault. In looking over some responses to your surveys, I get the same feeling.
Let me put my perspective on this topic. Dr Earl Massey many years ago put out a series of articles and reports years ago about “You Are What You Were When.” The debate was the influence of environment including the cultural environment on individuals. For example if you were brought up in a large farm family it was only natural that everyone worked and did their chores around the farm. Everyone had their thing to do to contribute to the well being of the family. Consider the same size family growing up in the city living on welfare. These individuals will have a different set of work ethics and views on how to succeed.
Dr Massey also discusses the hierarchy within a family. An only child will most likely think the world revolves around them. The baby will most likely think that they are supposed to be looked after as they have been “babied” their whole lives. Each child as they are experiencing life very quickly realizes their place in the family and thus begins the effort to get the parents attention. Usually the first child is expected to be in charge as they are the oldest. The second will do something different to get their attention. Something different from the first. Think of how many people who you know where the oldest is into sports and the second is a bookworm. Each will via for attention in a different way.
What if one grows up in a one parent family and has NO one in their environment to represent the missing parent.
There is another debate going on right now to which I think you can relate. There is a label going around called “Soft Skills.” It stresses the ability to communicate and get along. I will discuss this over the next few days.
All of the studies explain but do not justify one individuals behavior.
You are a product of your environment and your genetics. Both can be changed by YOU. AWARENESS is the key.
IT IS NOT YOUR FAULE IS FALSE when it comes to being stuck where you are.
It may be you are stuck in your brain or in a particular job or in a certain location. It does not matter. It does not mean that your future is SET.

What are you Missing?

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Information versus Knowledge

Information: Data that have been shaped into form that is meaningful and useful to human beings.

Knowledge: Concepts, Experience, and Insight that provide a framework for creating, evaluating and using information.

I will say it this way. Information CAN BE meaningless and useless without KNOWLEDGE. Our focus is in providing both and more especially Knowledge.

Focus, Intent, Goals – Short Term and Long

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This blog and site are focused specifically on technology products for seducton. The technology including NLP, Hypnosis, Huna, Silva Mind Control and Holographic Memory Resolution are included in a broader range of products at http:thegreatermind.com

How To Get Any Girl Steaming Hot, In MINUTES

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Dear Speed Seduction(R) Student,

In the last issues, I laid out the basic operating theory of Speed Seduction: that women have internal, subjective “recipes” for love, lust, chemistry, attraction etc that they run on themselves quite outside of their conscious awareness.

I pointed out also a that this “process” produces the “feelings” that they base their actions, decisions and choices on when it comes to us poor horny men!.

Therefore, as smart guys, we are no longer going to be fooled by “dating” thinking or “dating” questions which entirely ignore this vital information about how women get “feelings” and what is really important for us as seducers to think about.

So instead of being what I call A.F.C’s(Average Frustrated Chumps) we are going to learn to enter of the world of Speed Seduction® and learn to rapidly trigger these internal feeling recipes that produce these feeling “states” so we can quickly and easily enjoy power, choice and variety with women most guys just have to wish and long for.

The key then is to ask the question: What kind of “states” do I want this woman to experience with me?And how can I trigger these states using my language: the themes I talk about, the stories I tell, the descriptions of my experiences I give, and the questions I ask?

You see, one key secret to getting a woman to undergo all her internal feeling recipes or “states” is..


Yes, my friends, old Guru Ross clears up another mystery here: by talking about “feelings” women tend to unconsciously trigger their internal feeling “recipes” or processes, which then of course..

Makes the Feelings More Vivid And Real!

For men, talking is mostly about conveying a message or information. It can be the same for women, but much the time, talking is their way of unconsciously triggering these “recipe” programs that run outside of their awareness, so they can..

Enjoy These Intense Feelings Again!

What I am saying here is that there is an actual ongoing brain process where-by the language centers of the brain, when triggered by speech, somehow stimulate or cause her internal feeling recipes or processes for love, lust, atraction(or any other strong feeling state, positive or negative) so that these processes get run again and she can have the “feeling” experience.

Hey..I just explained TWO mysteries: why women are so “into” their “feelings” and why they love to talk so much! Nobel Prize, anybody?

Ok. Let’s now give you a peek at some of the actual Speed Seduction® tools you can use over coffee, on a first meeting, or wherever you find yourself talking to a woman.

The first tool I want to introduce you to is conversational set ups and themes.

You see, it usually isn’t considered normal or socially cceptable to launch into immediate discussions of have women experience “attraction” “chemistry” “connection” or “lust”.

As important as these experiences may be, you need some way of introducing them into conversation so you appear to be a normal, non-threatening guy.

So let me introduce you to some key part of the Speed Seduction framework. In the brief example below we’ll talk about conversational set-ups, quotes, embedded commands, priming patterns and trigger questions. Used in combination, these can get a woman to unconsciously run virtually any feeling recipe/state so she has the resulting feelings that will lead to the behaviors you want.

Conversational Set-Ups

Conversational set ups allow you, after just a bit of small talk, to bring up those themes, subjects and topics that are far more likely to trigger these “states” we are after in a woman: deep rapport, comfort, connection, fascination, lust, desire, chemistry etc.

Again, they let you avoid the taboo against discussing such things right off the bat or discussing them directly with someone you just met. And you can’t just walk up to a woman and command, “YOU WILL FEEL LUST FOR ME”.

A good way to bring up these “heavier” topics is to use a attern called quotes. Quotes involves simply quoting a onversation or topic that you were having with a friend, or something that you heard in a seminar or read in a magazine or saw on t.v.

Quotes allow you to naturally bring up almost any topic in a non-threatening way. Why? Because you aren’t addressing something to her directly. Just quoting what you said or heard said. So it is less threatening.

Also, we tend to use this pattern in language naturally all the time ANYWAY, as in, “Did you hear what Ross said to Rachel on “Friends”? etc etc.etc. The unconscious mind tends to recognize patterns of communication more than it does actual content. So if it feels to the unconscious like a natural pattern of comunication(quoting someone else) then the actual content becomes a lot more acceptable.

So let’s say you want to trigger that subjective “state” in a woman that involves feeling like there is a wild adventure- a real opportunity she has to act on RIGHT now or she’ll lose it forever.

Here’s how to use quotes to bring it up, “You know, I was having the most interesting discussion the other night with an old friend I had not seen in years (Conversational set-up, quoting you and your friend)

The next thing we are going to do is use a bit of language I call a “weasel phrase”. Weasel phrases just set up the person to make a deep search of their inner experience without making it seem like you are giving a direct command.

You can’t directly say, for example, “I command you to go inside your memory and remember what it is like to feel something and then feel that way with me”.

Instead, when you use the weasel phrase “have you ever” it is actually a command but it sounds like an innocent question.

For example, if I wrote, “Have you ever read something and it just seemed so fascinating, you realized you want to learn more/”

It’s actually a command to go into your memory and recall it, but it is much easier to disguise the command into the form of a question about your experience because that way you don’t resist it.

Make sense? Let’s continue with our example

“By the way, HAVE YOU EVER just had a friend, and you could just FEEL SO COMFORTABLE…FEEL SO CLOSE embedded commands-giving her commands to feel comfortable and close by bringing up the situation and hiding the commands inside a description of the situation-sneaky, isn’t it). You could just FEEL LIKE YOU CAN SAY ANTHING?(another command to feel free to talk).

Notice here we threw in a few suggestions and commands: FEEL SO COMFORTABLE. FEEL SO CLOSE. FEEL LIKE YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING.

We didn’t suggest or command directly. We hid them inside that “have you ever” weasel phrase-something that looked a question about her experience but was actually a command to go inside and search her memory.

Sneaky, sneaky, I know. But it works. Onward.

“So we were talking about how sometimes life presents an opportunity..and you realize that if you don’t take the opportunity to have an adventure, you’ll lose it forever.(focusing in on the topic now)

Ok. Now we are going to use a “pattern” or priming example: this is a description of your experience or someone else’s experience. It is designed to “prime the pump” and begin to activate the structures of her brain and mind that produce and run her “recipes” as we discussed in the last newsletter.

“Like for example he was telling me how he had a chance to take a police car for a joy-ride..and how he could just FEEL THIS EXCITEMENT(another command embedded in your story) and it was just like this other part of him came out and he had to take this ride.”

Note that little bit about “take this ride”-said with the right tonality it becomes a piece of sexual metaphor. This a way to help guide the “recipe” process towards triggering something that will produce sexual feelings. Note that it is not guaranteed to do this, by itself. It is just priming the pump. A start.

Now we are going to use “have you ever again” again to get her to talking. Why? Because please remember it is by talking women revivify and trigger their most intense and important feeling processes/recipes.

When she talks about her processes and “recipes” and experiences, she can experience the intense feelings we want her to have, and then we can link them to us.

Using “Have You Ever” A Second Time

We’ve used “have you ever” once to begin to prime her memory. Now we use “have you ever” again but this time it will activate those feeling recipes and processes by getting her to talk about them.:

“So I think because you can learn a lot about a person from that, have you ever had an experience like that..where you just had to go with an adventure that was in your path…take a ride that just seemed so irresistible?”

What have we done here? In just a few minutes we:

1. introduced a topic, guided her memory and imagination for a very important and powerful feeling “recipe” and process

2. gotten her to talk about it to revivify it and make it real again, all in what sounds like an innocent and completely normal conversation.

Not bad at all. Considering you can learn to do this in a 20 minute conversation, and you begin now to see the potential for unleashing your love life!

One more point: when you watch a woman as she describes these experiences, you will see her begin to strongly have these feelings. Often her face will flush, her breathing will get heavier, and she’ll get what I call DDBL or the.

Doggie Dinner Bowl Look!

This is an expression similar to the ones my Dalmations I had as a kid would get when I would show them the can of dog food through the window so they knew it was feeding time!

Now, once a woman is experiencing these strong feeling states in your presence, because she’s running her internal “feeling recipe” it’s really only a short matter of time before you are baking your brownies in her oven(to use a metaphor again!).

Remember: women act on strong feelings. As long as the feelings are there, as the end result of her running her internal “recipes” she will not in any way realize or know how they came about.

She will only feel them, feel happy they are there and feel glad that you will be feeling her in all those ways her nice guy “friends” will never get to.

Ok. I don’t want to overwhelm you . The study of using conversational set ups, quotes, priming patterns, embedded commands, command questions and other tools-this study is the core of Speed Seduction. But do go out and try some of this stuff and you’ll be shocked to see it works and works amazingly well.

Just remember a key rule: Speed Seducers never communicate just to be flapping your lips. Communicate with an outcome in mind so you can direct and trigger her feeling “recipes” in the direction you want, you the result you want is what you get!

Til next time,

Peace and piece,


P.S. As I said in a previous issue, this way of speaking may seem strange to you as a guy, and that is a GOOD thing. It’s not supposed to be the kind of thing we GUYS respond to. It IS what women love, what triggers their deeper level emotional centers, and what stimulates their fantasies and sexual desires.

You can get started getting women hot and bothered by going to this link right now:


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How To Easily Use Speed Seduction® Language Anytime

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Dear Speed Seduction(R) Student,

The other day I received this very good question from a reader who wishes to remain totally anonymous,
I’ll call him “Anon”:

Can Speed Seduction® patterns can be used in school class room where exist lots of students?  Because in our place (not United States)girls are much more conservative , if she wants to go out with you to have a cup of coffee , it means maybe you are her good friend or she like you a bit.

So I would like to know if these pattern skills can be used in much more noisy places that include lot of people or even she has a friend sitting  aside her ?

(I bought the HSC product 20 days ago)”

RJ here:

First, congrats on your first steps into a whole new way of understanding people, as well as nailing hot women!

Listen: “pattern skills” are about capturing and leading the imagination.

Do people use their imaginations, have their imaginations awakened and led in crowds? In classrooms? With other people?  When alone? When walking, sitting, standing?


Therefore, language (and approaches) that captures and leads the imagination can be used.


Now listen: I am a bit concerned about your question. Here is why.

From the way you put things, you seem to be thinking of patterns as some weird, “outsider” “other” category of communication. Something “alien”, from another planet or another world that has to be carefully hidden, like a UFO or a monster, lest people see it unprepared and panic!

Please get this: the language patterns I present in the HSC (and other products) may seem alien, or “foreign” or “dangerous” or “odd” or “weird”..to YOU.


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IMITATIONS!  Get the real stuff here:



But to women, they are a perfect match for how they think, ANYWAY.

This kind of language is instantly and UNCONSCIOUSLY recognized and responded to in a positive fashion by women, because it matches the internal “maps” they have already laid down in the deepest levels of their minds about what turns them on, moves them, excites them.

Do you get it?

You are NOT introducing anything odd or weird or foreign..to THEM.

Remember, language that would revolt, turn off, weird-out and totally creep out us guys, is like HONEY to women.

That’s the first thing to get.

Now, get this:

The patterns I present in the courses are only (ONLY) examples. They are meant to train and teach and familiarize your mind with the kinds of talk that turn women on.

Yes, by themselves, just as written, recited from memory, they can often be VERY powerful.

But eventually, through using them and UNDERSTANDING HOW AND
WHY THEY WORK, I want you to be able to come up with you own, original stuff.

Now, here is the next understanding, based on what I just said:

****Wherever possible, tailor, modify and adapt your language to the unique situation and the unique audience and environment you have in front of you****

How do you do this?

Well, first of all, you go beyond MEMORIZING. You have to really understand and experience the idea of capturing and leading the
imagination and that this happens all the time.

You have to get that the imagination, fantasy, and right brain visualizing and emotion controls MUCH more of human behavior than you ever first realized, especially with women.

You have to experience how words can paint vivid mental images and create strong flows of feeling.

You have to understand(UNDERSTAND!!!!) how vague language and descriptive language can create huge flows of positive emotion  and trigger mental images.

Once you really understand, then you can go to modifying what you say to fit your audience and the environment.

You can match your language to:

*Something going on in the physical environment.

*Something going on in the emotional environment

*Something your audience is DOING

*Something your audience is OBSERVING

(It doesn’t’ matter whether you audience is one woman or 2 dozen women. These principles work regardless and irrespective of numbers).

Another principle is: observe who is most responsive to your words.

Example: let’s say you are at a poetry reading and you are going to get up on stage and read some steamy seduction poems, like my “Fascination” poem which is actually in the BHSC.

What you want to do is SLOWLY read the poem, pausing as you go and make eye contact with the audience. Watch to see which women are most
strongly responding: who is getting all “doggy dinner bowl”, with wide open eyes, lips parted, breathing heavy, even nipples erect.

THOSE are the girls you will want to talk to, afterwards.

Whenever I am in a group of women, I always watch to see who is most responsive. Those are the ones I will zero in on for more attention.

Ok. Good questions. I hope the answers get you started.


VERY IMPORTANT P.S. I am shipping off the very first DVD copies of my newest product: Secrets Of Gold-Walk-Ups How To Use Speed Seduction To Easily Meet Women, Anytime, Anywhere (and never worry about what
to say).

Learn to meet women, anytime, anywhere and never worry about what to say:

Just click here NOW:


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free, without charge.

How To Talk Women Into Your Bed: Part II

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Dear Speed Seduction Student,

In the last issue, I introduced some of the core concepts for getting really good at seducing hot women, even when you don’t have looks, social status or money.

Just to review, I taught you:

1. Focus on her feelings first. Get your mind off the behaviors you want from her(sex, undying loyalty, threesomes, etc) and put your mind and focus on what feeling states she would have to be in, in order to want to naturally give you those behaviors.

2. Realize that the key to her feelings is her imagination. Capture and lead her imagination and you can generate the intense feelings and emotions she craves.

3. The key to capturing her imagination AND emotions is how you use your language. Remember the example from last issue of romance novels; they out do every other form of fiction combined, because they appeal to women’s fantasies, imagination and emotions, even though we, as guys, would never read such stuff.

The Mystery Of Women’s “Feelings” Explained

In order to understand just how to tap into the deep feelings that women crave, like “chemistry”, attraction, desire, fascination, incredible connection I need to make the briefest of detours into a discipline called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. Please, please bear with me, because the next couple of paragraphs will allow you to enjoy a profound understanding of how women “tick” that will skyrocket your success with them more a new Porsche, perfect pecs, or high status and fame.

The Concept of States And ” Emotional Recipes”

One of the core ideas of NLP is that people don’t just mysteriously “get” feelings. Feelings and emotions are the end result of a process that people run on the inside of themselves, involving what they say to themselves, how they picture things in their minds, and what flows of internal physical sensations they experience inside their bodies.

Now, bear with me here, because this is both simple AND important. Think of a woman you really, REALLY want to be with.

Wouldn’t you like her to experience the following emotional “states” with you?


You would agree that those would be great for starters, yes? That, given THOSE feelings, she would be far more likely to say, “JUMP ME NOW” instead of “Let’s just be friends!”

By the way, if the only thing you hear from women is “Let’s just be friends” it is because the only feeling states she experiences around you are casual enjoyment and comfort. Not enough to get her doing the grown up!)

Are you following along so far?

Ok. For this lovely lady to experience these intense, positive feeling states with you, she has to run some kind of internal process or “recipe” to get the end result of wanting you.

An Example To Help Understand And A Half Truth Corrected And Explained

As an example, a woman might first look at you and get a bit of a tingle in her tummy. Then she might picture you and her naked. Then she might say to herself “yummm”. Then perhaps she might feel tightness in her throat, her nipples hardening, and the tingles going down to her crotch. She might picture the two of you meeting her friends and feeling a sense of pride.

The key is this: this will all flash through her body and mind in seconds, so fast in fact, that she will almost always something she is NOT consciously aware of doing.

Now, you may have heard it said that women will decide in the first ten seconds if they are going to sleep with a guy.

This is almost always NOT true. What is true is that when women DO decide to sleep with you,(whether it’s ten minutes or ten months into knowing you) they will run that process of deciding through their body and mind in LESS than ten seconds.

Ok. I think I’ve piled enough on you for now. But I want you to really re-read this newsletter another time. Maybe print it out and take it with you for a long walk, and think about the implications and how it begins to make sense of a very important piece of your life. Remember the more we can “de-mystify” women’s emotions and make them something we can bring to the surface and LINK to us, the more power, choice, and enjoyment with women we are going to have; women most guys just get to dream about.

In the next issue we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of how to actually start using your language to do this.

Until then,

P e a c e a n d p i e c e ,

R o s s

P.S. If you want to find out more about the Speed Seduction® Home Study Course that has gotten thousands of guys going strongly in the seduction game, getting them the women they really want, check out my website, with free video files at: http://www.speedseduction.net/products/rj87.asp

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How To Talk Women Into Your Bed: Part I

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Wednesday 3:45 PM

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A common question I am asked is: How can I get women hot by how I talk to them? How can I use my words to create attraction in women, without having to rely on my looks or social standing or money?

Well, as the 18th century French Philosopher, Voltaire said: “Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face and I will bed the Queen of France”. (By the way, Voltaire was a good pal of Ben Franklin, one of America’s founding fathers and together they seduced hundreds of hot women. And they were doing this well into their 80’s)

Now I’m sure you have probably known a guy who wasn’t good looking, didn’t have money, but somehow he just knew what to say to women to make them eager to “jack his beanstalk”, “ride his baloney pony” and “do the grown up”.

In short, he had lots of women, while better-looking guys had few or none. The reality is that men have been “sweet-talking” women out of their panties (or bloomers or whatever) since recorded history began.

It’s just with Speed Seduction we are going to make it a lot more precise for you by introducing you to the concept of “recipes” or “states”.

You see, one key shift in understanding how to get what you want with the women you want is:


Now, I know this may seem like a key paradox. After all, isn’t this all about getting very hot women to do what we want-sleep with us, give us great sex, worship the ground we slink across, etc?

Yes, of course it is. But the key here is, GO FOR HER FEELINGS FIRST!


So the real question is: how can we awaken the feelings and emotional states that give us this kind of “leverage” with women?

The key is to capture and lead her imagination.

Just remember this rule: her imagination is the key to her emotions. Her emotions are the key to her bedroom door!

I don’t care how hot she is. I don’t care if she is a “10” on the looks scale and YOU are a “two”. If you can capture her imagination, then you can capture her emotions.

Capture her emotions and you tap into the deep cultural and social conditioning that teaches women from the time they can first speak that following their emotions is the key to being a woman.

Now, the good news is, you can do this in a way that truly fulfills her and leaves her feeling wonderful, so BOTH of you win.

The next issue of this newsletter will begin the process of teaching you how. For now, bear this in mind:

Every year, romance novels outsell every other form of fiction combined, not just in the United States, but the ENTIRE Western world.

Tom Clancy, John LeCarre, Stephen King and any of your other favorite authors combined can’t even make even a small dent in the sales of books that you and I as men would RIGHTLY consider trash!

Yet women of all ages read these things.

Why? Simply because they want their imagination and emotions stimulated and women do this through words; the words they speak, the words they hear, and in this case the words they read.

You may not have an ugly face to talk away. You may not want to “bed the Queen of France.” But to be the king of the bedroom, you have to learn to structure your communication in ways most guys will never even begin to consider or understand.

You can get going right now by going to:


In our next issue, we’ll talk about the all important ideas of emotinal “recipes” and “states” and how this will allow you to jump from chump to seduction super-star.

Until then,

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries

P.S. I don’t care by the way if you want lots of ladies or just one special girl for a long-term relationship.

Unless you can learn to trigger her “attraction” and “chemistry” states, you won’t get a one-night stand or a “real-hate-shun-ship”. You will merely hear that age-old curse, “Let’s just be friend”. YUCCH! I wouldn’t wish that on a Washington bureaucrat or the kids in high school who used to beat me silly!

This newsletter, and all of its contents are copyright Ross Jeffries. However this newsletter may be reprinted and re-used in any format, without prior consent, provided all content, including all links, are kept intact, proper credit for authorship is given, and the newsletter is given for free, without charge.

This Blog is Now Up and Running

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What say you.