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A Different Way to Approach

Approaching a woman is for some guys that hardest step to take. There are different philosophies on how to do it. One way is to have a rehearsed line to start talking to the woman. This can be really good when starting out because if we have a lot of anxiety about going up to a woman, our brain “shuts” off and we become at a loss for words. Now, when doing a rehearsed line to talk to a woman it is sometimes harder to take the next step which is to begin a conversation. Why? Because your brain is still “shut” off.

So, how do we “open” up the brain and start a conversation? Easy, you become an observer of the situation and then proceed with a comment or question. Now, when this happens your brain has to start thinking and once the brain is thinking it becomes easier to think of other things to say other than your rehearsed line. Your energy naturally flows outward rather then inward which is what happens with the rehearsed line.

Another benefit to this approach is that is applicable in any situation. A rehearsed line may work in one situation but not in another. This also depends on your memorization skills and ability to “choose” the right one and to use it. Science and experience has shown it is much easier to use one of our most powerful resources…your brain.

The last thing to mention is this. There is a tainted energy of insincerity that can occur with the first approach. Telling a woman how attractive she is, is something she has probably either heard a million times if she is indeed beautiful or something she does not believe because she is not really attractive in the physically. She can and often does sense that your are lying or insincere or both. You are doomed immediately.

Now, if you approach any woman and make a comment or ask a question based on what you observe, then it is probably something she has not heard before and will think that you are more sincere and you will “stick” out from all the other guys. Of course, you will show her how unique you really are when you learn some of the other things we will teach you.

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